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Our entire range of Purely Latex Bedding and Adjustable Beds have been designed to soothe away aches and pains and promote a better, stress free sleeping experience.

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   Exceptionally Comfortable Purely Latex Mattresses and Mattress Toppers!


If you have back pain in bed or simply looking for better comfort bedding and years of better sleep, your at the right place. Our ChiroKing® & SleepWhisperer® 100% Latex foam bedding, namely latex foam mattresses, mattress toppers (latex mattress overlays) and latex pillows provide the ultimate spinal support and exceptional comfort. Our Australian bedding designs supply solutions for those with back, hip and shoulder pain or for those who simply want a better, more comfortable nights sleep. If your current mattress is too hard or sags and hasn’t lived up to your expectations please read on. We specialise in a wide choice of innovative back friendly natural latex foam bedding, namely latex mattresses, latex mattress overlays and pillows. To serve you better our boutique style of service is able to totally customise a mattress to your specific needs. With our professional assistance we can guide you in choosing a mattress to supply the exact level of comfort and support you need for a great nights sleep. With a selection of firmness levels from super soft to xxfirm we have a mattress for everybody. In queen and king size you can choose “dual” densities in some of our designs so you and your partner can sleep on the surface that best suits your individual needs. That’s right; one side of the bed can be softer or firmer than the other so everyone is happy and yes this virtually totally eliminates partner disturbance.



What’s so good about our Latex Mattresses,

 Latex Overlays (Latex Mattress Toppers) and Latex pillows?


The Back and Neck Bedding Company is about absolute comfort.

Our entire range of latex mattresses, mattress toppers (mattress pads) and therapeutic pillows have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of the most discerning customer. Our bedding is constructed from varied layers of latex for a more comfortable, supportive bedding experience. With beautifully made bedding available in densities from soft to extra, extra firm this is the bedding everyone should consider when looking for deep restful sleep, relief of joint pain and stiffness and increased vitality during the day. We have chosen 100% Latex as it resists sagging, disperses heat and by naturally contouring to the body’s shape, promotes outstanding support. Our latex also reduces pressure points, improves blood flow and lasts for years.

Being hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant it is also the right choice for allergy sufferers, the elderly and anyone looking for a better sleeping experience. If your bedding is too hard or sags, come and see us! You’ll be glad you do.